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Digital Twin

White Paper

A structured approach to defining the current state-of-the-art in digital twins, including case studies and critical considerations


Accelerating UK engineering capability through digital innovation

Engineering – The Future

What is digital engineering?

Digital Engineering is the fusion of advanced digital technologies with best-in-class product engineering capabilities, delivering physical resource intensive processes in a digital environment.

Existing engineering capabilities based on sequential approaches and extensive physical testing, are incapable of delivering the complex products of the future. Digital engineering solutions will play a critical part in the journey to develop the (‘net-zero’) mobility products and services of tomorrow and meet this generation’s customer expectations.

Advanced digital technologies will allow you to visualize and test billions of scenarios to get the operational information needed for success. Digital engineering allows you to engineer and manufacture highly complex products better, faster, and cheaper, and adapt in days, not months, to whatever the future brings.

Digital Maturity

Digitalisation is a rapidly evolving field which can make the equally rapidly changing language confusing and challenging to stay on top of. We have tried to create a simple set of definitions to help distinguish what we believe are the key steps in digital maturity. We have also, as part of the Digitalisation Roadmap development, put together a Digital Dictionary of key terms in.


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