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An industry-led approach.

We consult with the automotive OEMs in the UK, understand their pain-points, synthesise core 'nuggets' where the application of digital systems and processes may have the largest impact, and develop and enable a project portfolio to tackle the challenges faced. 

Working in partnership

We work to secure consortia across industry, academic research and technical innovators, to develop demonstrators that target potential for each project​. IDE ensures ‘disruptor’ approaches and technologies question the established norms​.

Our three key themes

Culture & Knowledge  /  Process & Assurance  /  Digital Instruments


To enable the realisation of the Digital Tapestry – the seamless adoption of digital solutions into an engineering environment – radical changes must occur within and around organisations on three interconnected levels. 


People use their skills and knowledge to achieve a goal using specific and trusted methods and processes, that are accelerated by the introduction of advanced digital technologies. 

key themes diagram

Technology Categories

We have created a categorisation of technologies to help in the development and communication of appropriate projects targeting a step change in product creation process capability.

In reality, most engineering related projects will have Modelling and Simulation at their core, but importantly will be augmented with technology from the other categories, especially AI, to realise new levels of capability, resolution and speed.

technology categories diagram
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