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Digitalisation Roadmap 

In early 2020, BEIS funded a refresh of product and technology roadmaps initially created in 2015 for the Automotive Council. The Advanced Propulsion Centre has led this refresh and commissioned IDE UK, as the APC Spoke Lead for ‘Digital Engineering an Test’, to deliver a Digitalisation Roadmap on behalf of the UK Automotive Council and The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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Launch Event


Did you miss our launch event? Watch the full event here for an introduction and overview of the roadmap, how to navigate it, and insights and advice from our panel of experts.

Nine months’ work has gone into creating this Roadmap. Whilst IDE has coordinated and led the engagement activities to create the roadmap, it has very much been informed and developed by the industry, with contributions from some of the best minds in their fields, many of them outside our traditional automotive world. It is the most thorough manifestation of a Digitalisation Roadmap in any sector, in any nation. It is one of two Automotive Council Roadmaps that specifically has a People theme, recognising that Leadership, Culture, Skills, and Workforce transformation, are all critical challenges in its delivery.

The infographic below provides additional context to the provenance of the Digitalisation Roadmap. It displays engagement figures including hours of effort, companies, industries, and the total number of people involved.

The final report was launched in March 2021 and can be downloaded at the link on the bottom of the page. 


Join the journey

The Digitalisation Roadmap has now launched

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