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An automotive revolution.

The automotive sector is undergoing dramatic global change. Technology is creating new opportunities for innovative companies, leading to the development of cleaner, more efficient and safer vehicles. The rapid development of the digital economy and the relentless drive towards Net Zero carbon emissions is increasing the expectations of consumers, with old business models being adapted and even scrapped as a result. 

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VR goggles for digital engineering
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Accelerating product complexities are creating an engineering revolution 


Existing engineering capabilities, based on sequential approaches and extensive physical testing are incapable of delivering the intricate complexities of future product design. This fundamental shortfall is common across all sectors and is driven by increasing customer, environmental and legislative demands.


Regulatory frameworks, compliance and in-service monitoring are also increasing in complexity, amplifying the challenge for product developers.
The current tools and processes used to design products will fall significantly short of our future needs. Advanced engineering businesses and their supply chains must transform in order to compete – utilising new digital engineering tools and instruments to keep pace with the accelerating rate of change. 

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vehicle detail
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Market Demands

To keep pace with consumer and market demands, the product creation process needs to transfer into the digital realm, where unlimited product iterations can be designed, tested and certified in a myriad of virtual environments.

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artificial neuron
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The key to future economic success

A fundamental transformation of the product engineering process is essential to achieving future competitiveness. Key to success will be the fusion of advanced digital technologies with best-in-class product engineering capabilities. Manufacturers currently use slow, physically-intensive processes to design and create prototypes in the real world. These processes can now be achieved in a completely digital environment, resulting in a faster and more intuitive product creation process.

3D printing
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Putting the UK at the forefront of rapid product creation


The first three Industrial Revolutions were forged in the UK by harnessing our expertise in science, and engineering.
Embracing the rich digital landscape of the UK and re-asserting our innovation and engineering capabilities should sit at the heart of our Industrial Strategy, as we enter the fourth industrial revolution and seek to define ourselves as a nation of innovators.

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