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Digital Twin- Holy Grail or Wholly Hype?

Organised by the Institute of Digital Engineering - IDE UK in collaboration with the Advanced Propulsion Centre – APC UK

Creating the products that will lead the delivery of true net zero will require transformational change in the product engineering, assurance, and production process. Innovative integration across the entire product, service, and infrastructure enterprise will be essential to deliver the ambitious levels of performance that customers, society, and the environmental imperative demand. Digitalisation offers an opportunity to unlock transformation of our industrial system and is a core enabler to ensuring that the UK plays a dominant role in the definition of future mobility solutions.

Novel information and data management systems will open up the ability to integrate the product & service enterprise across the entire value chain; essential if technology is to be exploited effectively. Digitalisation offers the potential to “democratise excellence” across the entire supply base and across our broad national industrial footprint.

In collaboration with APC, we hosted a session on Digital Twins, one of today’s top technology trends, and how it’s changing the way businesses operate, the customer experience, and its contribution to cleaner, more efficient, and safer vehicles. But what is exactly is a digital twin and how can it add value? How can we harness new digital capabilities to unlock new mobility solutions? Is this the key to sustainability and future economic success, or is it just the new toy on the market?

Thank you to our wonderful speakers and panellists who joined us and shared their expert knowledge and expertise:

  • Mark Enzer OBE, Head of National Digital Twin programme (NDTp) at CDBB & CTO of Mott Macdonald

  • Louise Krug, Technical Lead for Applied Research Sustainability at BT

  • Jose Garcia-Urruchi, Head of Digital Engineering Capability at Jaguar Land Rover

  • Peter Van Manen, Principal Consultant at Frazer Nash

  • Michael Konicek, Director at AccuCities 3D City Model

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