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2020: A Virtual Year

As the year is coming to an end, we’d like to take this opportunity to share some of the things we’ve been up to here at IDE in 2020, and some of the positive changes that have taken place during an otherwise challenging year.

Like so many other businesses this year, IDE has been operating remotely since the beginning of March, adapting to new ways of working and learning new skills. Thanks to the wonderful world of technology we have found ways to stay connected as a team and stay productive and efficient despite the distance. Over the last 9 months we have become advanced “SLACKers”, pro “ZOOMers” and “MIRO” marvels. Never have we lived in such a digital world allowing us to be together even when we’re far apart. As our team has almost doubled in size this year, so has our geographical spread. We now have colleagues in Glasgow, Bristol, the Midlands, London, and Mallorca! (I know, we’re all a little jealous) The world has changed, and yes, that has meant some challenges, but it has also provided new opportunities. In the words of Brendon Burchard, ‘Let’s move the world forward, even if from home’. And we have. And it has been eventful. Quite literally.

In addition to hosting a week-long Future of Technology (FOT) webinar series together with APC, we have hosted our first ViVID dissemination webinar, kicked off the Digitalisation Roadmap delivery running 6 workshops and 65 interviews, and we have presented and hosted at the annual Cenex-LCV event.

Things haven’t stood still on the project front either. An Expression of Interest on Advancing Digitalisation was held in July as well as the kick-off of the ADAM project. September saw two projects coming to an end, and just before year-end we managed to go live with 3 exciting new POC projects.

On the organisational front, we have welcomed not only 4 new team members; but also

Neville Jackson as new Chairman of the Advisory Board, Mark Garrett (COO, Ceres Power) as advisory board member, and just a few days ago we could welcome our first ever IDE baby, little baby Mattia. Not a team member just yet, but the most adorable family member.

Despite being a challenging and difficult year for many, this has also been a year that has brought perspective and a new appreciation for the little things in life. So, as it is the season to be grateful, we thought it appropriate to finish off the year by giving a few thanks.

Thank you to our valued partners, and our IDE family and friends for your continued support over the last year. A special thanks to APC, Loughborough University, and our Advisory Board for everything you do.

Thank you to 2020 for the opportunities and challenges and innovation you brought, and for reminding us we are stronger and more resilient than we think.

A big thank you to amazing IDE colleagues who have remained positive, cheerful, focused, and hardworking despite the circumstances. We have achieved a lot this year, let’s hope we can continue to move the world of digitalisation forward in the year to come.

And last, but not least, thank you to you, our followers and readers, for making us reach over 600 followers on LinkedIn and creeping up to the 300 mark on Twitter.

From all of us at IDE we hope you get to spend the holidays with loved ones and enjoy a wonderful Christmas filled with joy, love, and laughter, and let’s all look forward with hope to a better 2021 where we can once again see each other outside a zoom call.


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