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ViVID – Virtual Vehicle Integration and Development

The ViVID project is a Ford led collaborative industry research project that aims to focus on the development of digital engineering tools to promote model based systems design and verification for the Virtual Product Development process.


The research will be conducted with a total of three UK industry based partners and an academic partner, who will develop key digital tools to allow UK companies to leverage the improved product development and training capability.

Collaborative Partners

Ford Technologies Limited
Ford Motor Company Limited        
IPG Automotive UK Limited
Loughborough University

School of Aeronautical and Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering & Institute of Digital Engineering UK

IDE people

Samuele De Guido

Project Lead


£39 million
total project spend


During the project, the team will demonstrate a new analytical approach for engineering process that enables the next generation electrified vehicle technologies to be developed. Reducing the reliance on serial engineering and physical prototypes, will provide the efficiencies needed to provide a more competitive attribute set and reduce overall carbon emissions by accelerating time to market of the product. 

Within ViVID, IDE UK is supporting the dissemination and exploitation work package, with the objective of co-developing MSc and industry training modules with Loughborough University to aid the wider roll out of the methodologies and tools within the consortium. The material delivered will be used for internal and wider industry teaching. IDE UK is also delivering three internal dissemination workshops to the project consortium. 

'Following on from previously successful APC projects, Ford is delighted to be collaborating on an APC11 funded project called ViVID. The Advanced Propulsion Centre plays a vital role in bringing together the brightest minds in industry and research institutes to accelerate the development of game changing products and keep the UK at the forefront of global automotive development. ViVID builds digital vehicle simulation capability and applies it to future electrified commercial vehicles. The goal is to accelerate the adoption of low and zero emissions commercial vehicles by making them more affordable, capable and bring them to market faster.'


Graham Hoare

Chairman and Executive Director, Ford of Britain

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An APC Funded Project

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