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VCHV – Virtually Connected Hybrid Vehicle

The VCHV project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of real-time virtual powertrain testing using distributed Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL).


The current cohort of eight PhD engineers are working collaboratively with the common objective to develop six different hybrid powertrain sub-systems distributed throughout the UK and virtually tested together in real time, with the possibility of replacing the subsystems with virtual models.

Collaborative Partners

Institute of Digital Engineering UK 
University of Bath
Loughborough University
Newcastle University 
University of Nottingham

IDE people

Samuele De Guido

Project Lead


This ambitious project addresses many challenges including high-frequency/high-bandwidth communications, model architecture and system integration. 

VCHV will unlock the opportunity to perform distributed testing; this could significantly reduce the product development cycle time as OEMs would no longer wait for scarce prototypes from suppliers to be available before testing complete powertrains.


An IDE Funded Project

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