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Liger is an optimization workflow platform developed by the University of Sheffield, designed to be extensible and have a smooth learning curve so that it can be used by the non-expert in industry.


The goal of this project is to enhance the capability of the Liger software, making it user-friendly and including new features, which will allow the release of the first publicly available open-source version of Liger (namely Liger v1.0) by the end of the project.

Collaborative Partners

University of Sheffield 
GRM consulting
Rolls Royce Aero 
Ricardo UK

IDE people

Samuele De Guido

Monitoring Officer 


The main focus of the project will be on the development of: 

  • An open-source, code-optimized version 1.0 of the Liger software, released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) that allows Liger to be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

  • A plugin system that enables third-party software to be used with Liger and allows Liger to be extended in future to an HPC/Cloud service.

  • Improved support for model integration, focusing on MATLAB – a key interface required by many stakeholders.

  • New features to improve the usability of Liger by practicing engineers.

  • A Liger installer, manual and online tutorials.


An IDE Funded Project

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