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Accelerating Product Development using Artificial Intelligence 

Imperial College London Spin-off Monolith AI are working in collaboration with McLaren Automotive to apply state-of-the-art AI techniques to vehicle product development.


The project aims to reduce early stage engineering deviations and accelerate the virtual validation lifecycle, minimising the time and cost of bringing new vehicle products to market. 

Collaborative Partners

Monolith AI
McLaren Automotive Limited

IDE people

Samuele De Guido

Monitoring Officer


The physics of the car can be learnt through AI instead of mathematical and physical equations.

total project spend


Throughout the project and thanks to the data and expertise provided by McLaren, Monolith AI developed state-of-the-art ML algorithms in order to augment the accuracy of simulation tools. Such a tool could be used in the future to improve correlation between simulations, tests and reality, and to reduce future reliance on physical testing.


Monolith has now finished developing the first version of their AI software, aiming at accelerating engineering design through an ergonomic and interactive platform linked to powerful AI models and high performance computers. Monolith AI is now licensing their platform to any engineering company interested in accelerating their product development cycles.

'This collaboration brought incredible insight to both McLaren and Monolith AI in the way complex engineering problems should be tackled by AI'


Joël Henry

Senior AI Engineer, Monolith AI


An IDE Funded Project

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